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Karis Guarantee

Karis Construction wants to make sure our work exemplifies excellence, which is why we offer our Karis Guarantee as part of your roof system installation.

What’s included and how to qualify for the Karis Guarantee:

  • Karis Construction guarantees our workmanship will keep your roof leak free for 4 years from the date of install.
  • Karis will repair, at no cost to the homeowner, any defects and/or issues caused by errors in installation of our roofing system.
  • A roofing system includes the following:
    • Shingles
    • Underlayment
    • Ice and water shield
    • Roof vents
    • Roof and chimney flashing
  • Homeowner will schedule a no cost annual inspection for the duration of the warranty period so that Karis Construction can check for issues and perform routine maintenance as needed.
  • Homeowner agrees to register their new roofing system within the Atlas Signature Select Roof System Warranty program.
  • If any persons other than Karis Construction conduct work on the roofing system during the warranty period, this warranty will become void.


Adverse Weather Events:

Adverse weather events are considered “Acts of God” and are beyond anyone’s control. Although Karis Construction will not be able to guarantee your roof for these adverse events, we will provide “No Cost to You” inspections for the duration of the warranty period. We will be here to help you determine the cause of any issues as well as provide you with the best potential solutions.

Adverse weather is defined as: High winds exceeding the rating of the shingle, hail, ice damming, excessive snow or other weather events, mechanical damage outside of normal “wear and tear”.

Customers covered under the Karis Guarantee will receive discounted rates for labor if work is required due to an adverse weather event that causes leaks or issues with the roof system.