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Wind Damage On Roof

If you have suffered wind damage on your roof, there is a good chance your roof is in need of repair… and certainly needs an inspection. Wind damage poses one of the greatest threats to roofs… since it can damage the structural integrity and even result in leaks. When you think you have wind damage on your roof, call your local pro’s at Karis Construction. For twenty year, we have helped homeowners find and fix wind damage to their roofs, and we can even help you deal with your insurance claim. 

Learn more about Karis Construction – a family owned and operated company – by checking out all the positive reviews our formers clients have left for us. Or, get started with a free, no obligation wind damage on roof inspection. Our adjusters will come out to your house, assess the situation to see what is needed, and work with you to file your claim… or provide you with a written estimate for repairs.

Wind Damage On Roof Indianapolis, IN

All work at Karis Construction is backed by our 100% guarantee… and Karis is proud to feature ATLAS shingles, with the longest warranty on the market. Ready to get your free wind damage roof quote in Greenwood or Noblesville? Call Karis Construction at 317-360-8467 to request your free estimate.

Wind Damage

Wind damage can cause your roof to need thousands of dollars in repairs… or potentially a new roof all together. Wind damage can cause shingles to fall off, loosen or begin to fail. Wind damage can also damage your chimney spouts, siding and flashing. If you have had a weather event in your neighborhood, there is a chance you might be able to seek reimbursement from your insurance company.

To put in a wind damage roof insurance claim in Greenwood and Indianapolis, call Karis Construction at 317-360-8467 between the hours of 7 am to 6 pm, Monday through Friday. Or, email [email protected] to speak to a sales representative. We can help you work through the wind damage claim process with a free inspection or a written estimate. When your insurance adjuster comes out to your house, we can be present to make sure all question are answered and no damage is missed. Call Karis Construction to learn more.

Wind Damage Indiana

Karis Construction is a full service construction and roofing firm that can handle fixing wind damage in Indiana. We serve the Greenwood, Noblesville and greater Indianapolis regions, with twenty years of experience fixing wind damage and other repair and restoration projects. We are fully licensed and certified, with highly trained reps ready to get the job done right – guaranteed. Call Karis Construction for a free wind damage quote today.

Wind Damage To Shingles

Anytime there is a severe weather event, there is a chance you might suffer wind damage to shingles on your house. Shingles can become detached and fall off, or might loosen and start to fail. The decking could get wet… leading to mold or mildew. You might even experience roof looks inside the house. If you believe you have suffered wind damage to shingles, get in touch with Karis Construction today at 317-360-8467.

Karis Construction Wind Damage To Shingles Indianapolis, IN
Wind Damage Restoration Indianapolis, IN

Wind Damage Restoration

For over twenty years, Karis Construction has been the #1 roofing company in Indiana, handling projects like wind damage restoration. If you have had a weather event in your neighborhood, give us a click or call. We can provide you with a free, written wind damage restoration quote or estimate. Call Karis today!