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Architectural Shingle

Interested in an architectural shingle roof? You have come to the right place.

Karis Construction offers free architectural shingle roof estimates in the Greenwood and greater Indianapolis areas. Call 317-360-8467 or email [email protected] to connect with us. We can offer you a written inspection and work estimate helping you fully understand the costs and timing of your architectural shingle roof project. 

Karis Construction has over twenty years of experience in architectural shingle roofs. As your hometown roofing contractor, Karis has handled virtually every type of roof there is, from solar to metal roofs. Take a look at our project portfolio to see all the amazing architectural shingle roofs we have completed – and Google us to see all our happy reviews. If you have any questions about architectural shingles, contact us anytime.

Why do homeowners choose architectural shingle roofs? In part, because of preference. Architectural shingle roofs are more durable than 3-tab shingles. They are about 50 percent heavier. The base mat on an architectural shingle is thicker, so it’s a sturdier roofing material.

Architectural Shingle Greenwood, Indianapolis, IN

Having architectural shingles on your home can increase its value. Home buyers often prefer these shingles. This means you could get a higher sales price for your home.. or might look for Architectural Shingle options when you are new home shopping. 

How long does it take to complete an Architectural Shingle Roof? Well, if the weather is good, and you have an average sized home, it can be done in a day. However, there are times when replacing an Architectural Shingle Roof might take up to five days… although this is rare. 

Need architectural shingle roofing in Greenwood, Homecroft, Noblesville and the larger area? Karis Construction has you covered. Call Karis Construction for a free quote or estimate at 317-360-8467. Or, email us anytime at [email protected].

Architectural Shingle Roof

An architectural shingle roofs are high-quality dimensional or laminated shingles made from a fiberglass mat base with ceramic coated minerals that are embedded in water-resistant asphalt. Several layers of material may be used to create the shingles, which make them more durable and more desirable than asphalt shingles. Karis Construction has twenty years of experience with architectural shingle roof projects. Check out all of our amazing reviews and browse our portfolio page to see all the architectural projects that we have already completed. 

Need a free quote on an architectural shingle roof? Maybe you are wondering about the price difference, the timing – and the impact it has on your home value? Connect with your hometown pro’s at Karis Construction. Our estimators and designers can help your successfully complete any roofing projects. 

We offer FREE quotes and estimate, and always provide a written estimate before beginning any work. We serve Greenwood and the greater Indianapolis region. Call us at 317-360-8467 or email us anytime at [email protected] to get your architectural shingle roof quote.

Architectural Shingle Cost

How much does architectural shingle cost? We get that question a lot here at Karis Construction. For twenty years, we have helped homeowners plan and build their perfect roofs, working with every roofing material, from solar to metal to architectural shingles. To help our customers understand how much architectural shingle costs, we put together the information below. 

Architectural shingle cost: about $1.00 to $1.50 per sq. foot or $100 to $150 per square installed on a standard sized single story home. This is just an estimate, and we would need to take into account the size and slope of your particular home. The architectural shingle cost is slightly higher than standard asphalt shingles, but it is offset by added value to your home with resale, since architectural shingles last longer and are more desired by home buyers.

Want to get a free architectural shingle cost estimate? Call 317-360-8467 or email us anytime at [email protected] to get your architectural shingle written estimate or a no obligation consultation. All work performed by Karis Construction is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

Karis Construction is a full service contractor in the Greenwood region, offering roofing, decking, remodeling, bathroom and kitchen renovation services. Call us for any home repair or remodeling needs in the Indianapolis area.

Architectural Asphalt Shingle

Questions about Architectural Asphalt Shingles? Karis Construction can help. We offer free architectural asphalt shingle estimate and  quotes. Click here to get started, or call us anytime.

Karis Construction Best Architectural Shingle Installation Greenwood, IN

Architectural Shingle Installation

Interested in learning more about architectural shingle installation? Make Karis Construction your first call. We help homeowners in Greenwood with all roofing needs, from repair to replacement. We can give you a free, no obligation architectural shingle installation quote. Call 317-360-8467 or email [email protected] to get started.

Best Architectural Shingle

Karis Construction proudly features the best architectural shingle brands on the market, proudly backed up by some of the longest warranties available. When you work with Karis, you can be assured that we will protect your home with only the absolute best architectural shingle options.

Best Architectural Shingle Greenwood, IN
Karis Construction Architectural Shingle Roof Cost Indiana

Architectural Shingle Roof Cost

Do you want to estimate how much is your  architectural shingle roof cost? You can do that right here on this page by requesting a free quote from Karis Construction. Just call us or email us, or make your roof repair request online. 

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