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Roofing Indianapolis

If you need roofing in Indianapolis, Karis Construction can help. We are the #1 roofing contractor in Indianapolis, with over twenty years of experience serving the communities of Greenwood, Noblesville and beyond. 

Karis Construction can help you with a roof inspection, with all types of roofing, with roof repair and roof repair estimates, with roof repair service and more. We are a fully licensed and certified roofing contractor that can handle virtually all roofing projects, from residential to commercial and beyond. Since our founding, we have proudly been a family owned and operated roofing firm. Check out all of our glowing customer reviews and testimonials – or check out our project portfolio page to see all the roofing projects that we have successfully completed.

New Construction Roofing Contractor Indianapolis, IN

To meet any roofing Indianapolis need, contact Karis Construction today at 317-360-8467 or by email at [email protected]. Our process begins with a free, no obligation repair estimate or consultation during which we will help you understand all of your options. If you have recently experienced a severe weather event, we can help you understand whether insurance might reimburse you for roofing replacement or repairs in Indianapolis. Click here to get the ball rolling. 

Thanks for making Karis Construction the #1 roofing company in Indianapolis!

Roof Inspection Indianapolis

If you are in Indianapolis and need to know how a roof inspection works? Let the hometown pro’s at Karis Construction help. We can hook you up with a free roof inspection – with no obligation. Just call us at 317-360-8467. 

We have over twenty years of experience serving the needs of Indianapolis making us the #1 choice for roof inspections. Let Karis Construction get you started with a no cost, no obligation roof inspection that will help you understand your options. 

Do you need to know what a roof inspection report covers?  It will generally show the current condition and features of your roof. Need a roof inspection report in Indianapolis? Karis Construction can help. Click here to get started.

To help our customers better understand roof inspections, we have prepared a roof inspection checklist for Indianapolis, which includes checking for cracked caulk or brown or rusty spots on the flashing of your roof, looking  for missing shingles or shingles that are curling up or buckling, checking to see if any shingles are broken, and more. A roof inspection will start by determining how old your roof is. Most roofs need to be replaced at a fairly predictable time, and a roof inspection will help you get an estimate off costs and timing.  

Need a roof inspection in Indianapolis? Call Karis Construction for your free roofing estimate.

Affordable Roofing Company

Looking for an affordable roofing company? Karis Construction can help. At Karis, we take pride in working with our customers to build an estimate that fits with in their budget. If you need affordable roof repair options, check with us to see if submitting an insurance claim is an option. Oftentimes, the most affordable roof repairs are the ones that your insurance company pays for. We can help! Call 317-360-8467 between the hours of 7 am to 6 pm, Monday through Friday or email us at [email protected] today.

Types Of Roofing Karis Offers

Karis Construction works with all types of roofing, from residential roofing to commercial roofing. The types of roofing we work with include: 

  • 3 tab asphalt
  • Steel
  • Solar 
  • Architectural tiles 
  • Commercial 
  • Tile
  • And more!
Specialty Metal Roofing Indianapolis, IN

For the last twenty years, Karis Construction has worked with all types of roofing on all manner of projects. From submitting insurance claim to performing roof repairs, we have done it all. Just call us today to get your project started. All work at Karis Construction is backed by our 100% guarantee… and Karis is proud to feature ATLAS shingles. Ready to get your free roofing estimate? Call Karis Construction at 317-360-8467.

Best Roof Repair in Indianapolis, IN

Roof Repair Indianapolis

If you are searching for roof repair in Indianapolis, you have come to the right place. Karis Construction is the #1 roofing company in the Indiana region, with over twenty years of experience handling every project, from residential to commercial. Family owned, we are a local business that is proud to handle roof repair in Indianapolis, serving the Greenwood, Noblesville and surrounding regions. 

Need a free quote for roof repair in Indianapolis? Give us a call. We can provide you with a complimentary, no strings attached quote and even help you file an insurance claim. Our work is backed up by a 100% satisfaction guarantee – check out our customer testimonials to see how we have helped homeowners and business in Indianapolis with all their roof repair needs.

Call for a free roof repair quote: 317-360-8467. Or email Karis Construction at [email protected]. Click here to get your free roof repair quote online.

Roofing Company Servicing Indianapolis

To get in touch with a  roofing company servicing Indianapolis, call Karis Construction at 317-360-8467 between the hours of 7 am to 6 pm, Monday through Friday. Or, email [email protected] to speak to a rep who can help you get a free roofing quote.

Have you had a weather event in your neighborhood? We can help you work through the insurance claim process with a free roofing inspection in Indianapolis. Call Karis Construction to learn more. We have been a roofing company servicing Indianapolis for twenty years and we are proud members of the Greenwood community. Family owned and operated, we are the #1 roofing company in Indianapolis. Thanks for choosing us!

Best Roofing Company

Karis Construction is the best roofing company in Indianapolis, with over twenty years of experience handling all roofing projects. From residential to commercial, from roof replacement to roof repairs, Karis has you covered. 

What makes us one of the best roofing company to work with? For one, we start with a free roof repair estimate. Call us at 317-360-8467 between the hours of 7 am to 6 pm or send us an email at [email protected]. Plus, we work with all insurance companies if you need to submit an insurance claim. We can get your roofing project done on time, on budget with a 100% guarantee of your satisfaction. 

Learn more why Karis Construction is the best roofing company by checking out all the positive reviews our formers clients have left. Browse our project portfolio to see all the other roofing projects we have completed. Thanks for connecting with Karis Construction!

Metal Roofing Accent Indianapolis, IN

Roofing Service Indianapolis

Need roofing service in Indianapolis? You can count on Karis Construction to help. We provide all roofing service options, from roof inspections to roof estimates to entire roof replacements. As one of the best roofing companies in Indianapolis, we have helped business and homeowners get the roofing service that they need. 

Karis Construction is a full roofing service contractor, offering roofing repair and beyond. We offer free quotes and estimates. Our highly trained roofing service techs complete jobs on time and budget – guaranteed. Ready to learn more about roofing  service options in Indianapolis? Call us at  317-360-8467 between the hours of 7 am to 6 pm or send us an email at [email protected]. Request your free roofing services quote online anytime here at Karis Construction.

Beyond roofing services, Karis Construction is a full service contractor offering solutions for homeowners. We can help you remodel a kitchen, build a deck, replace a bathroom, clean or install gutters and so much more. Contact us anytime for a free quote!

Roofing Repair Service Indianapolis

If you are looking for roofing repair service in Indianapolis, you have come to the right place. Karis Construction is the #1 roofing company in the region, providing roofing repairs service like installation, inspections, estimate and so much more. No matter what kind of roofing repair service you need, we can help. Call us any time for a free roofing repair service estimate, or click here to get started online. From gutters to siding, Karis Construction can help. 

Find the best roofing repair services in Indianapolis. Request your free roofing quote from Karis Construction. Contact us at [email protected] or call us at 317-360-8467 between the hours of 7 am to 6 pm, Monday through Friday.

Roofing Contractors Indianapolis, IN

If you have been looking for roofing contractors in Indianapolis, IN, your search has officially ended. Karis Construction is the #1 roofing contractor in the area, with over twenty years of experience handling all roofing contract jobs. From the biggest business to the smallest home, we can get your roof repairs done right. 

Contact us for a free roofing contractor quote in Indianapolis, IN. Call us at 317-360-8467 or email [email protected] to get the process started. We can inspect your roof, advise you of what repairs are needed, help you understand all your options – we can even help you successfully submit an insurance claim for roof repairs in Indianapolis, IN.

Questions about roofing contractors in Indianapolis, IN? Reach out to use any time, we are always happy to help.

Roofing Company Indianapolis

If you are looking for the best roofing company in Indianapolis, you have found it. Karis Construction is family owned and locally operated… proud to be part of the Greenwood community. For over twenty years, we have helped folks in the Indianapolis area meet all their roofing needs. From residential roofs to commercial roofs, we have handled it all. 

As one of the biggest roofing companies in Indianapolis, we offer all roofing services from repairs to replacements. In addition, we can help with remodeling and renovations needs, including  gutter service and insurance claims. If your home needs to be fixed, chances are we can do it! Call Karis Construction at 317-360-8467 or email [email protected] to get your free roofing or contracting quote.