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How A Roof Inspection Works

Wondering exactly how a roof inspection  works? Are you confused about the different steps in the process… wondering if you will get approved by insurance? Not to worry, the hometown pro’s at Karis Construction have you covered. This helpful guide to how a roof inspections works will show you exactly what a roof inspection report is, provide you with a free roof inspection checklist, and then show you the roof inspection process. 

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Roof Inspection Report

Wondering what is a roof inspection report? Here’s some info that can help: 

A roof report records the current condition of the structures and features of your roof. A residential roof report documents the condition of a sloped roof or a flat roof for a homeowner. For commercial buildings, it would serve the same purpose for that commercial or business space. 

The reason that a roof inspection report is created is to capture findings from the inspection process that looks for structural damage. The report summarizes everything you need to know about the roof at that given point in time. 

Need a roof inspection report? Karis Construction can help. Click here to get started today.

Roof Inspection Checklist

Looking for your free roof inspection checklist? Good thing you found Karis Construction, your #1 choice for roof inspections in Greenwood. 

Use this roof inspection checklist to decided when it’s time to replace or repair your roof: 

  • Do you see any cracked caulk or brown or rusty spots on the flashing of your roof? 
  • Do you see any shingles missing? Are any shingles curling or buckling up? 
  • Are any of your shingles broken? 
  • How old is your roof? What type is it? Roofing materials has pretty standard replacement date, if yours is towards the end of its life it’s a good idea to get it inspected. 
  • What is the condition of your chimney caps? It might be time to replace those too. 
  • Do you see any mold or moss on your roof?

With the roof inspection checklist above, you can determine roughly whether you should be concerned about your roof. When it is time to find out for sure, call Karis Construction for a free quote or estimate.

Residential Roof Inspection Checklist

Do you need a residential roof inspection checklist? Good thing you found Karis Construction. On this page, we provide the checklists and information that you need for a roof inspection. Questions about roof inspection checklists? Contact us anytime to learn more.

Roof Inspection Process

The roof inspection process typically includes these steps: 

  • Checking the roof covering and fasteners
  • Examining the deck sheathing and checking the slope and underlayment 
  • Looking at the ice barrier 
  • Checking the drip edge and making sure there is an offset pattern 
  • Checking the roof valley flashing 
  • And more! 

Need a roof inspected in Greenwood? Call us 317-360-8467 or email us at [email protected] anytime. Click here to request a free roofing contracting quote.